Parenting Programmes

A range of parenting programmes are available to meet parents’ diverse needs.


Odyssey, Parenting Your Teen

Duration: 8 Sessions

Aim: To improve the parent/adolescent relationship

parenting-your-teenParenting Your Teen is an evidence based structured programme designed for parents of teenagers. The programme covers a range of themes including teen development, self esteem, rules and consequences, dealing with conflict and problem solving. The programme promotes Authoritative Parenting, the style of parenting which has proven to be most effective. This programme has been found to improve outcomes for parents, their teenage children and the family as a whole.

Odyssey, Parenting Apart

Duration: 6 Sessions

Aim: To support parents in minimising the impact of separation on children

This programme is aimed at parents who have experienced relationship breakdown which may affect how they parent. The programme provides practical guidance for parents on how to talk to their children about separation and provides guidance on how they can help them adapt to the changes ahead. This programme helps parents focus on the child’s needs and explores their changing role and responsibilities as a parent.

Odyssey, Fathers and Families

Duration: 6 Sessions

Aim: To promote positive parenting skills to fathers

This programme is specifically tailored for those in a fathering role. This programme gives fathers the skills to use a positive parenting approach and emphasises the important role fathers play in their children’s lives. The programme is interactive, fun and an opportunity for fathers to build a support network.

Odyssey, Parents Positive Mental Health

Duration: 6 Sessions

Aim: To support parents with mental health issues

This programme provides parents with a greater awareness of mental health issues. Parents will be given the opportunity to explore the factors that affect their mental health and impact on their parenting. Cognitive behavioural techniques will be explained to help parents work towards better mental health and emotional wellbeing.

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