Benefits for Parents

  • Parents learn further skills and knowledge about their young person
  • Parent-teen relationships are improved.
  • Improves levels of parenting stress.
  • It will help parents to enjoy their families, help parents to have children who are happy and healthy, increase the chances of this generation growing up to be healthy, socially and economically engaged adults.
  • Makes a positive difference to aspects of teenagers social functioning e.g. decreased moodiness.
  • Has a positive effect on family mental health

What Parents Said

“I’m probably not as passive, I would be a bit more authoritative and if I do say something I stick to it now because I realise that if you don’t, well there’s no point.”

“So excellent. Will change your life, your thinking, and your emotions. More positive peaceful life.”

“In a time where there seems so much for children and their rights it’s good to know there’s something out there for parents.”