Parent Resources


Parents are facing more complex family issues than ever before and therefore the need for support for parents is in greater demand.  All Odyssey programmes are of high quality and you will receive supporting resources to ensure that the best possible outcomes are achieved for you and your family.

We aim to keep our programmes fun and interactive through participation and group work, in a setting where you feel safe and supported. Participating in one of our programmes is also a great way to meet other parents experiencing similar issues, build your confidence and improve family relationships.

Every parent experiences difficulties from time to time. These difficulties may cause a lot of worry and in many cases it helps to talk to someone outside the family.

Sometimes parents need support or guidance with specific issues that their teenager is experiencing, such as Drug or Alcohol Misuse, Internet Safety, Bullying or Self Harm.

If you are concerned about your teenager’s behaviour or feel you would benefit from some support with your parenting the following organisations may be able to help.