Structure of Parenting NI

Within Odyssey Parenting NI Ltd, the responsibility for policy, strategic planning and the appointment of staff lies with the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors:

The Board of Directors is the governing body within Odyssey Parenting NI Ltd and members are elected annually. It is comprised of individuals who have skills and knowledge relevant to the work. The Board meets four to five times each year.

Chief Executive:

Odyssey Parenting NI Ltd’s Chief Executive is responsible to the Board of Directors for the day-to-day management and achievement of the organisation’s work as outlined in the Strategic Plan.

Senior Management Team:

Within the staff team, there is a manager responsible for area of work. This managers all report directly to the Chief Executive, and they regularly meet together to assess progress / plan new activities within the Operational Plan.

Governance: Organisational Chart

Odyssey Parenting NI Ltd was founded as 2014. Within this structure, there is a Board of Trustees, a Chief Executive and Director.